Waco Police Department is adding new vehicles to its fleet

Monday, December 3, 2012 - 2:58pm

Waco Police Department will soon be adding Tahoe’s into the line-up of police vehicles.

Waco officers will be switching over to driving the Chevrolet Tahoe as part of a new line of vehicles being introduced into the department’s fleet of squad cars. Beginning in late September of 2012, the current fleet of Dodge Chargers and Ford Crown Victoria Police Units will be joined by the newly purchased Chevrolet Tahoes. The city anticipates purchasing fifteen “replacement” units.

The City of Waco’s Purchasing Department conducted a study and found the Tahoe, although a bit more of an initial expense, would save money in the long run due to a better average maintenance cost, lower total cost per mile, longer lifespan of the vehicle, and a much higher resale value. Also, the department's Crown Victoria is no longer available, as this had been a large part of the fleet. The new Tahoes will be replacing older police units that are going out of service due to age, mileage, or maintenance issues.

The much needed additional cargo capabilities the Tahoe provides for computers, radios, emergency equipment, video cameras, and additional police gear officers carry is a major consideration for the recommendation of the Tahoe. Staff also discovered that the Tahoe comes with a much better warranty (5yr/100k) for the units than that of the competitors.

Waco Police will join a trend of other Texas Police Departments such as Plano, Lubbock, Sherman, Texas Department of Public Safety, and other local agencies in adding the Tahoe to the force. Waco Police markings on the Tahoe will resemble the markings on the department’s existing squad cars.

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