Woodway Elementary students field-trip to a cemetery on Halloween

POSTED: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 3:16pm
UPDATED: Wednesday, October 31, 2012 - 3:30pm

Many kids think of cemeteries as creepy, mysterious places where ghosts lurk, but the Woodway Elementary Students don't.

“We get to go to a cemetery on Halloween. That's just so cool," said fourth grader, Madelyn Chance.

As a part of a unique 800-dollar education grant, these students are getting the opportunity to use a graveyard to explore math, science, history, and drama skills.

“The burial of the dead is a tradition in our culture, and it's something worth studying. And, it helps the children to be more familiar with our culture," said Midway ISD Education Foundation Director Suzi Pagel.

And, what better day than on Halloween Wednesday to have this field trip.

"Can you imagine how hard it is to keep a child engaged on Halloween, prior to trick-or-treating?" said Pagel.

These 105 fourth graders take their research very seriously as they walk through the First Street Cemetery, taking note of all the history it has to offer.

”The cemetery, I know it looks kind of boring,” said fourth grader Caroline Felder. “But, once you look at all the graves and see how they died, you can see how the history was."

Many students got to meet James Harrison, or at least that's who Cole Baker was portraying on Wednesday. Cole the experience teaches the importance of historic leaders from Central Texas.

"A lot of people have done these really exciting things in the city of Waco," said Baker.

Students and staff alike hope to bring this field trip back for years to come.

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